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Our Story

A new East London Estate Agent, with a long history.

Meet The Team

The two founders of Rooted are the people that will be selling or renting your home. Not a trainee, a temp or someone whose heart isn’t in it.

Meet Max

Max came to property via ladies’ fashion – with his own fashion store in east London. After a few years, he joined Scott in property – and spent a decade zooming up the chain at one of the city’s biggest Estate Agents.

He was their youngest ever Office Manager, an absolute sales whizz and a passionate east London advocate – passing his down time walking Louis (the crazy Hungarian Vizsla) through London Fields, Victoria Park and Epping Forest.

Being part of a traditional Estate Agent taught Max a few things – not least what he didn’t like about the industry. He and his best friend are excited to launch something together, and fix all the things that are wrong about the business of finding people homes.

Meet Scott

Scott comes from entrepreneurial stock – his dad founded a footwear company in Hackney in 1986, which meant Scott grew up here –  helping out on school holidays and playing in Hackney marshes and Victoria park as often as he could.

He lives in east London and loves it – from dog walks on Millfields to market pootles on a Sunday. After a foray into fashion, Scott spent a decade in the property business – breaking all sales records at the (major) Estate Agents where he worked, and noting quietly how the industry could be improved.

He fits Rooted around a committed sports habit – and travels whenever he gets the chance. He’s back in Hackney following four months volunteering in South America – just the pause he needed before putting Rooted on the map.

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